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Anxiety and food?


I️ was wondering do you think ppl changing their diets have anything to do with anxiety ? I️ know that gluten definitely affects my anxiety and I’ve eliminated Gluten ever since & also MSG so no carry out food :( i’m trying to be healthy & commit to this diet and be anxiety-free . If anyone has anxiety disorder and is a vegetarian or vegan ...have you noticed a change in your diet? I️ have . I️ get better sleep, more energy but it’s a much calmer balance of me being relaxed and energized. If I️ do slip , I️ notice I️ get a tad fidgety but nothing like I️’ve dealt with years ago .

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Hi Hippieebbbz09,

I have seen a nutritionist on the subject of diet with a mental illness.

The other things to rule out on her list were alcohol, sugary drinks including sweetened natural juice and to cut down on the amount of caffeine, especially contained in energy drinks (4 times the amount in a cup of coffee).

Another little known fact to help with your shopping is that a certain German supermarket (Aldi) stores products are free of synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils, and added MSG.

I can't commit to being a vegetarian totally but certainly having much more fresh food is on the agenda :)

Now I just have to find the mojo to go out and get it, then cook it


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