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Since May I have been gett8ng this low dull ache in my.tummy..i cannot pinpoint the ache...was convinced it was something sinister as my smear was late...had that and was all ok...went to see another doctor and she said my tummy felt fine she saod a out a scan bit it would just be for my reassurance....yet I have noticed it's back....am really scared it could be something serious and I may have left it to late thay i could be dying.....anyone else have this???

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Francesca, a dull ache in your tummy is another very common symptom of anxiety, I've had it myself in the past and use a tea of sliced ginger root to soothe the ache.

Why on Earth should it be something sinister? You have received the reassurance of your doctor that all is well and you 'know' in your heart of hearts that the dull ache is your anxiety and not some terminal illness you've left too late. Sorry, you do know that and you also know that anxiety magnifies tiny fears into fear of imminent dying when in reality you're fit and healthy.

So once again I say to you what I say to others: stop worrying about an illness you don't have and start addressing the illness you do have - anxiety.

The reason I say that is because you cannot cure yourself of an illness you don't have.

You will go on getting these irrational health fears until you concentrate on pacifying your over-sensitised nerves and a proven way to do that is to familiarise yourself with the Acceptance method of Claire Weekes and to PERSISTANTLY practice it until you recover as recover you surely will.


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