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Still have stinging swelling in my legs..😣

I'm kinda getting worried about my legs! I have been drinking more water, and also have cut down on salt & upped my veggies.

If I lay my foot on the top of my leg while I have shoes on it will leave an indintion that will stay there for hours..

What in the world is up? I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, for my chest pain.. I know I need to chill,but I when I look up swelling it says things like CHF

Ive have xrays,ekgs,blood test. Everything has been fine except my potassium is always very low.

**sigh** if it's not one thing it's another

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Elizabeth04 Good Luck with your appointment on Thursday. Hopefully you will get some answers regarding your legs. We can't diagnose ourselves it only brings on more worry and fear. Breathe Elizabeth Breathe.... Leave it in the hands of your doctor who knows what is best for you xx


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