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Need to know what you all think. I've been having some terrible insomnia of late which I primarily put down to an increase on Cit from 30-40. The doctor says it will eventually get taken care of with the Cit. This has probably been going on 3 weeks at least. I can go 2 or 3 nights with NO sleep at all. I'm beginning to wonder if it is work related since it seems to get worse when work is involved. Last Friday I slept over 13 hours. Just a wonderful relaxed Saturday but then last night insomnia came back with 0 sleep and thinking about a new project which isn't difficult. I haven't really got a stressful job and I work from home, just now only about 2 hours a day but it just seems I subconsciously get in a knot over it. I was wondering if anyone else is like this. I'm told that when you need the sleep it will happen.

Just curious about what you all think.


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Hi Scooter,

It's great that you are worried about your lack of sleep. The research tells us that sleep deficits are not good for the body or the mind. Dr Google can confirm this.

My solution is to get a weekly schedule drawn up. The idea is to plan when to work, when to sleep and do other things in your life. Do as much of your planning regularly (my time is Sunday night).

A novel idea to improve your sleep is to keep a physical diary. The last entry of the day is the list of things you intend to do tomorrow. You shut the book and go to bed. This tells your mind that everything has been taken care of and so sleep should be about recovering from the day and preparing for tomorrow only.

Turning off all your electronics (TV, mobile phones, computers and tablets) at least one hour before bed helps sleep come easier :)

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