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25 minutes agoHearYou

Jeff, I am not familiar with Dr. Weekes work. Has she offered anything new for PTSD since 1986? I am serious and need some help today.

I was seriously injured, including some brain damage, in an accident 17 years ago. Memory issues and PTSD followed. I didn't know fully what that really included until I mentioned the violent nightmares with my doctor and he quietly told me we had more to work on than anxiety and memory.My psychiatrist has been using the techniques of the miitary when appropriate. And only know Dr. Weekes is sometimes incorporated in that.

My doctor and I have basically come to the conclusion the best my bruised bundle of neurons, brain matter and memory can do is to negotiate with anxiety. It can't quite comprehend what "letting go" is or happens. What my SPECT scan details in layers with color after the accident appears to support that. And had been doing rather well with accepting that until the death of my service dog.

But I mistakenly opened a post yesterday titled "Suicide" thinking it was someone calling for help, and after a few sentences, I had almost an immediate "gran mal anxiety attack" if there is such a thing. Maybe that term is the best way to describe it. It has not gone away. Doing my best to write. Thought it was letting up earlier, as I found the humor in what had happened. But that didn't last long. Have used all my coping and negotiating skills, of course except for having my service dog. My doctor is gone for a few weeks.

I scanned the PTSD venue yesterday, but I seem to be on a different channel. (Guess I do have some humor left, but not much).

If you or anyone else have run across this, without suggesting I may be considering suicide...I'm not..I would appreciate help. I'm not stupid ,just can't get the Rubix (sp?) Cube to work this time.


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