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Psychic reading & hypnosis

I have anxiety and ptsd from a traumatic marriage in my past. I am now engaged to a wonderful man but because of my past I have a lot of insecurities that he does not understand. Has anyone ever went to a psychic for a reading and actually what they said came out to be true or have you ever been hypnotized to try and deal with some issues?

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I've been hypnotised for issues and it worked but it is you who has to do the work. Your brain sees this man as a threat, just like your ex and it is warning you of the possibilities. You'll have to just ride it out or get another man. If he doesn't understand your past troubles then maybe it is a warning that things in the long term may not work out. You need a man with empathy and understanding of your past, he may be a kind guy in other ways but you're damaged goods and he isn't,


tiffany1979, I use to go to a psychic years ago as entertainment. It is ironic in that you can interrupt whatever they say as hitting it on the nail with your life. Some psychics were better than others. For anything more deep seated then having fun, you need a professional therapist who can help you with your insecurities and on going issues.

I've only been hypnotized for relaxation nothing more. It sounds like you have the answer in front of you in having a wonderful man that you are engaged to. Don't rock the boat. I would set up an appointment soon with your therapist and talk it out. Good Luck tiffany. xx


Tiffany, I went to see a clairvoyant 35 years ago. He started off saying: "There's someone here called George, he was your uncle. And he had a glass eye!" Wow, I thought, this guy has established his credentials. He told me a lot of stuff that was true, came true, half came true. He also told me: "You will never have a serious illness" and then added "Except this anxiety thing, just make sure you get enough sleep."

He was right, uncle George did have a glass eye and I've never had a serious illness...except this anxiety thing of course. But they're only human, they have their bad hair days like everybody else and I'm sure there are some crooks about and some have the gift more than others.

I would never go again, I don't want to know what the future holds, I'd rather take it as it comes, a day at a time.

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