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so as u all know my breathings been funny, but today it wasnt that bad untill i went out up the shop and when i was walking my chest felt abit tight and it didnt feel like i was getting enough air, but when like i stopped walking and was just stood up my breathing was alot better?? and now im home sitting down my breathings fine. its worrying me again. its normally bad all day but today its actuallly been ok. i havent been as anxoius today for some reason, maybe my meds are starting to work.

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errivbr4678778, I'm sorry your chest felt tight and you were breathless today, it sounds like more symptoms of anxiety which I'm sure you realised, people who have youth on there side such as you don't suddenly develop heart trouble. Do you think you concentrate on how you feel too much? The more we monitor ourselves for aches and stomach complaints etc the more our anxiety disorder seems to oblige by mimicing physical illness. But of course it's only our nerves playing up yet again and the symptoms can't harm us in the way real illnesses can.

Perhaps the time has come for you to be less introspective, less listening to your body for the next problem. Maybe it's time to not pay so much attention to all these troublesome little complaints and take more interest in what's happening in the world around you. After all, there's a lot of interesting stuff going on around you in the world right now, a lot more interesting than concentrating on what symptom of anxiety disorder is on the menu for tomorrow.

So, errivbr4678778, why not let these littke symptoms of anxiety run their course, leave them to do their worst which as you know from experience now isn't a great deal. Maybe they're thriving on all the attention you give them? Could be. So I'd suggest you just accept all these little blips of your nervous system and get on with your life, explore the things you've been missing because of your over attention to the things your nerves throw at you? Why not do it? I think it's time to move on.

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