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can anxiety cause symptoms that aren't there?

Hello Folks,I need your advices so that i can reassure myself.So 8months ago i was playing with some stray unvaccinated dog pups in our locality.Some pups in excitement tried climb onto my foot i felt their claw poking me but didn't recieve anything that considered to be a scratch.I checked my toes nothing was there i washed my toes with water I didnt felt that burning sensation when skin brokes or tears.I forgot about that incident eventually until i started to Google things about rabies.Now until few weeks ago i had left leg aches mainly in thigh for weeks.I googled a bit guess what initial symptoms of rabies.I super feared.Muscle aches gone over 13days it didn't happen.But 13days ago same day muscle twitching and itching started guess what another symptoms of rabies.I was feared enough i thought im going to die anyway.Itching gone after 3days and today very mildly numb my last 2fingers of right leg.Is it all anxiety? also i cant trust my anxiety cuz anxiety is one of the symptoms of rabies wtf :P but im having anxiety from past 2months and these issues from past 1month.I would have been dead by now if this was rabies symptoms?

I talked to a GP and he said since there was no blood,no wound,no bite and no history of rabies in our locality then i dont need to be worried.He also demonstrated by poking his nails in my feet very powerfuly but nothing happened.So i was calmed down a bit.I panicked cuz some of them died.But some of them still alive their mother also.There are no skunks,ferrets,raccoons in our locality.Symtomps usually subsides by its own then come back again.

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