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Trouble in Paradise

I'm on vacation right now and I really want to enjoy it but I keep having random thoughts that inspire anxiety with varying durations. Right now my mind keeps brining up the few things I've bought. It's not that I regret them I just keep thinking about the money I spent. Obsessing over the numbers like how much each thing cost how much I have left, I've even started going over the receipts, and counting my cash over and over again. Then those intrusive thoughts are coupled with my social anxiety which has me fretting over all the interactions I've had throughout the day which I can usually handle but coupled with the additional thoughts it's hard. This whole thing is just a bit difficult because I have to deal with this all while playing an "everything's great" attitude with my family because I don't want what I'm feeling to be interpreted as me being ungrateful for the experience. I haven't been driven to a full on attack by any of this it's more of a moderate level for drawn out periods of time, it just sucks though.

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I do the same on vacation except I focus on hypochondria. No caffeine or alcohol and rest in the pool


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