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any help for anxiety appreciated

anyone else with my symptoms? and any tips to ease them.

when my anxiety strikes it usually happens first in the mornings when i wake.

My legs are shaky and warm and i am so restless and can't eat anything,my mouth is so dry....i take 20mg of paroxetine daily.

I try to get up to see if i can get out and walk it off,which helps sometimes but other times i just get worse and the sweats start sometimes leading to me getting chills and nausea...these symptoms can last for days weeks and at their worst months before they ease...they usually ease at night before starting again in morning.i'm male 52 and been suffering from anxiety for over 20 years...john.

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Hi johncraig, I read your post earlier but refrained from responding and glad I did. Watching your responses to others shows me that you have learned over the years to push on with your life. Learning all we can about what we have been dealt with in life is a big plus. It can help take away some of the fear of anxiety. Although everyone is different in when their anxiety is worse. Some have trouble at night as well as falling asleep. I've always had morning anxiety that would be so bad. When educating myself in the reasons why that was so, I took the explanation of higher level cortisol early morning making sense. The adrenaline release is nature's way of preparing us for the day. But I also knew that the general population does not experience that. So then I picked it apart as to why this happens and how to reverse it.

It's not a miracle that I no longer get "morning anxiety", it's that I found a way that worked for me to release the fear of a new day. Years ago, the other symptoms that accompanied morning anxiety were with me just like you experience. I admire the fact that you seem to have accepted that this is anxiety and is a part of your life now. But it doesn't have to be who you are. We shouldn't be judged on what we have but how we react to what was given us.

Looking forward to you contributing your words of wisdom that can only be understood when you have gone through something long enough. John, we welcome you to the Anxiety Forum.

Make it a great day!


thanks for that...i've been a bit selfish in the past and only sought help on line when i've been ill but seeing good people like yourself giving your time and advice has made me realise it's just as good and therapeutic giving help as well as receiving it...I've been having a few bad days recently but already i feel a bit better...again thanks for that...john


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