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Fear of going crazy

At the very beginning of my anxiety struggle years ago, I found one of the most troubling parts about the panic attacks is that I fear I'm going crazy. I question every little sensation and every thought wondering what it all means. I know it's common and that stress and anxiety make your brain think less rationally, but every time I'm in a bad phase with anxiety or depression I can't stop thinking about what if psychosis is just around the corner. I fear I'm gonna detach from reality entirely or have an uncontrollable fit. Does anyone have any wisdom, tips, or experience to help me cope with these thoughts?

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oldestnewest This helped me to put my illness more into perspective. You're definitely not the only one who feela this way.


Yes I do, anxiety needs to be conquered and the way to do it is to meet it full on. You need to download or listen to relaxation tapes ASAP as once you become more relaxed you can then be less anxious. Keep occupied as the more time you have to think the worse your anxiety will become. When you get attacks, do something, go for a walk, wash the pots, clean, anything to keep it at bay. Hope this helps 😊😊


Panic attacks wont make you go crazy it does feel like your losing our mind but it wont. I used to take panic attacks and cry afterwards thinking omg am losing it am going to end up in a mental hospital. I no longer fear the attacks now and feel much better physically and mentally. When I feel anxious I make my self busy try to distract your mind to something else.


I share the same fears as you.

I recently found this article and found it very helpful



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