having an so/so day.lost my mum 3yrs ago pluse a few other family members. 2 yrs ago it all hit me with a bang.anxiety etc kicked in.past couple of months have been feeling good about things.last week at work one of the laddies i looked after suddenly passed away i was holding her hand.making sure she was at peace.since then i have been feeling a bit edgy.enu suggestions plz.😊


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  • Hi there I also lost my mum 3.5 years ago just after having a baby both haves caused extreme anxiety. Would recommend counselling, cbt and Mindfullness. It's good to talk to someone and have someone listen and understand. There are some good books for anxiety DARE by Barry M and Anxiety panicking about panic by Joshua Fletcher. X

  • Thanx.x

  • Hello Nina78 first of all I'm so sorry for your loss I do know your pain I lost my mum too 10 years ago but it still feels like yesterday. You say you was with a lady who passed away that is very brave of you. that is what has Triggered your edgyness it happens to me as well I'm fine for weeks then something like this would trigger me off big time make me edgy it still does the hardest thing is we can't avoid seeing people slip away unfortunately it happens all the time.etc we see it on the news on the internet wherever we are we see it. You are not alone we are all here I actually either listen to music or meditate I never would of ever meditated until my bereavement counselor recommended it. We have a bereavement support on here you can always come to.we have some lovely people who are going through what you are it's a fabulous community.look up bereavement share and care we are all here to help you through your distressing time. Also Nicki1984 is right there is some very good books to read you are all welcome to join our community

    Take care

    Nat 😀

  • Hello Nina78

    You sound like you have been through an awful lot and ad a lot of grieving to deal with which must have taken it's toll on you and no wonder you feel edgy as you put it

    Natzsteveo mentioned another Community on here which is also excellent and could benefit you to talk with others on there to , I will pop you the link on which will take you straight to the Community as at times like this you need all the help and advise you can get :-)


    Take Care x

  • So sorry for your loss. Its heartbreaking when you see people pass away but you were there for that lady she was not alone you were by her side when she passed she'll be looking down on you with a smile.

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