Is Anxiety a choice?

Is Anxiety a choice?

Is a feeling of Anxiety a conscious/unconscious choice? Can we switch it on if so can we switch it off again? Does EFT or visualisation of happy endings to our needs/wants offer better solutions than driving us crazy with all that is wrong? Who here has had any success with changing their focus to their "happy place where everything will be alright"? We are all so tired with the vicious circles.

Don't all scream at once. Peace and love are what we need. Searching for light...


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  • Positive visualisations have played a huge part in my recovering. Finding a reassuring picture or theme that enables you to stay with the anxiety and apply calming breathing until it passes helps to build your confidence. Its great and practiced daily will induce deep relaxation, the best armour against anxiety xx

  • Hey ZuperNev, there is a step before being "fearless" which I believe is the key to anxiety. That is "Acceptance". Acceptance that what we feel comes from our mind and is not a physical ailment. In really believing in that statement, it can provide us to go forward. I believe that anxiety is not a choice that anyone would want, so my thought would be that it comes from the subconscious part of the brain. Stress will switch it on automatically, it's switching it off that is in our power.

    Happy endings come from our once again being in control of our emotions. We have to make our own "happy place". Life does not always guarantee that everything will be alright but how we accept and react to the stressors of life can make all the difference.

    Very interesting question that we all have the answer to deep inside. Peace & Calm to you. ....

  • That's quite a question!! I know I'm in a happy place when I meditate. When I go to my weekly class I feel so exhilarated afterwards it lifts all my troubles away for a while 😁 Tuning in to you're happy place takes a bit of practice but it gets easier the more you do it .

  • Great answers here and techniques approved, my self-sabotage of my happy place is where I can start as rarely get to stay in the good zone long enough. Then my reality reminds me of my recent failures and the cycle starts again. Finding a supportive environment when all else fails is why I confide on this forum. My escape valve therapy. Thanks for the comments and bless you all. I will turn my anxiety off more.

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