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Feeling horrible!

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Last couple days I have ft pressure on my head off and on, then feel kind of dizzy, keep thinking I have a brain tumor or something! I've had anxiety for awhile now, but got better last year, thinks its coming back again, feel it coming on again now and trying to relax, but just isn't working, anybody out here experience this that can message me please!

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Anxiety affects us in so many different ways. It can be so awful and I'm sorry for your struggles.

In my opinion we do learn to manage it over time.

You mention it got better and you can feel it coming back , it's good to recognise that, and begin to do something to help, last time you had it what do you think helped it go away?

A visit to your dr is always wise and check out what is available in your area to help you around your anxiety.

Do you ever do any meditation, like listen to YouTube meditations , Michael sealey is good, distraction is good, although each of us have different things we find to distract us, tv works for some, music, art...it's finding the thing that works for you too.

Best wishes 🌺

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