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Sleep Problems

Hey. I've been getting a problem which only occurs when I go to bed. I've seen other posts on here which in some aspects ARE similar but also have some differences. This issue does not occur during the day,in fact I feel normal.

Once I lay down for sleep it starts. My chest would begin to get heavy. I would get this sensation like a whoosh going up, like a wave of vertigo and Mexican wave up myour upper torso. It makes me sit up and be suddenly awake.

Some occasions I can eventually fall asleep. But in other extreme occasions I start to shake violently and feel freezing cold. To the point my teeth chatter together. I do not get pain or vibrating as some experience but my heart does do flips and thuds.

The worst case happened with the result of me phoning an ambulance. I've had blood, xray and heart monitor and all clear.

Come the next morning. It's like nothing ever happened. I feel fine.

It's very frustrating 😑

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