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Am I normal? Overthinking everything

Hi everybody

I have recently found myself in a scary spot where I am questioning every thought feeling any etc. And asking if I'm normal or am I going crazy. It sound stupid I know, but all my anxiety pretty much is 😞😞. Right now though this is what I'm dealing with. I'm in a very tricky spot and would love some guidance from this lovely community I stumbled upon. If you know of any ways to combat this, or just some reassurance that this is normal. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...

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Hi Christian,

Ive suffered with anxiety most of my life but its not until the last few years Ive realised that I just accepted that's how I was as a child and growing up. Im now in my 40s and its all makes sense now as mental health issues in the uk are now being spoken more than ever. I was like this as I suffered with terrible anxiety and other mental health issues but didn't know that at the time and went through hell. I have always questioned everything and anything to the point it drives me absolutely crazy and I cannot cope anymore and have to go to bed to shut myself off. I over analyse things and its gets bigger and bigger until its out of control. It becomes a complete obsession and that's part of OCD unwanted intrusive thoughts that I go over and over. I find it utterly draining and found hours had past and im still going over the same thing! and then I get all stressed and angry because Ive wasted all that over thinking and there really is no need but I cant help it. I now try to get hold of things when I feel them getting out of control tell myself that is what happened what was said, I cant change it and at that time that was the best I could do in that situation or learn from it and do different the next time. It is very very hard to get a grip of the over thinking but I do manage mine a lot better.Ive had quite a bit of therapy to learn coping techniques which has helped greatly and just to learn there are reasons why I think the way I do and do the things I do makes it all better to accept and understand. The most reassuring thing for me is to now know there are many others who are experiencing the same so you are not on your own. I hope you manage to get on top of over thinking.


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