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Cant stop worrying

Hi all

my anxiety started 10 weeks ago I fell and banged my head, at the time I didn't really have any issues but went to my local A&E who at the time said everything was ok, 2 weeks later I woke up to notice one pupil was larger than the other I was sent for a CT scan which was clear and found out my eye issue was itritis, which I have had before. i was having major panic attacks, didn't want to be on my own, couldn't sleep I was told over the phone I had anxiety and to refer my self for talking therapy .The iritis cleared up but then the steroids caused raised pressure in my eye, I have since been to the opticians and the pressure is back to normal, I have been for counselling but I seem to be getting worse. I am now waking up with neck pain and it feels stiff but I can move my head no problem this then radiates up in to my head and feels like someone is squashing my head from the inside. I am convinced I have some sort of aneurysm I check my pupil size up to 80 times per day and convinced they are different sizes, but most of all the headache and neck are worrying me as this wasn't something I experienced before and felt like I was having good days so why would I know experience tension in my neck, I cant focus its not even like its a painful pain more of its there nagging me, I have been taking tablets and they are not taking it away. when I speak to people I get its anxiety and its tension but I'm worried something is wrong, I live on my own so I'm scared that something will happening to me then, I don't want to die and this is ruining my life at the moment

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