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Worried it's my appendix

Hi there, I'm having some lower right pain in my abdominal area. It's not like bad pain maybe a 3/10 but it's just sort of uncomfortable. It doesn't hurt when I touch the area, only when I cough hard and when I walk a little bit. I feel really bloated which I think Is trapped wind. I have been very constipated for a long time with a lot of trapped wind, only had 2 small stools in 10 days and I feel like I need to go now but can't . Does this sound more related to the constipation and ,more like trapped wind, or appendiCitis?

I just have this fear of appendicitis for some reason and I'm really scared that it could be this? Please help me out

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Having known a couple people with appendicitis, this is probably due to the former, rather than the latter. I would see a DR about the constipation though, as that can cause probs.


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