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Panic starts to set in

Chest feels heavy

You start to rock back n forth

You try to wake people up

Cause you are so scared

You start crying

You start coughing

You can't hardly breathe

Everyone gets mad at you

Your eyes burn

Cause of how much you cry

You start staring at your addiction

No one is there to help

They just fade you out

You try to relax

You try to breathe

You try to picture good things

Nothing helps

Do you give into your addiction

Or do you fight it?

Do you stay strong cause no one

Is around to help you

But yourself!!

By, Christina p

2 Replies

Hi Christina,

I feel exactly the same. Do you work and drive? This is when I fear my anxiety the most. I am so lost and have been crying so much. I don't know what to do. No one understands when I try and explain it.

I hope you're feeling better.

From Manpreet


I want to work but can't

And drive with people only to scary I have attacks all the time

Crying helps me for some reason but then I get heartburn or nausea

I use adult coloring books a lot

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