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This anxiety has to end

Hi I am new to this forum but I have battled anxiety for 20 years but it has never been this bad. I think I made the wrong choice of getting off Zoloft onto Busphar which seems to do nothing for me. I now have constant dizziness, weakness, shakiness and I really can't do anything by myself due to panic of passing out. I also developed GERD and maybe possible ulcer with constant bloating, no appetite and L shoulder pain. I had negative stress test, labs and getting scoped next week. I am seeing psych Monday and really hoping to be put on some correct meds so I can continue my life with my 2 small kids. Anyone have similar experiences? Have the right meds helped? I am trying to keep positive but this weak dizzy feeling is depressing me so much, I just don't go out anywhere alone anymore and spend way too much time sitting, I hate it! I also not sleeping well or at all and feel jittery all the time.

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Its all a vicious circle; not exercising or socialising will aggravate your symptoms. Medicines may help but lifestyle is the main thing.



The reason you have suffered for 20 years is contained in one word in the first sentence of your post. That word is "battled."

Battled implies that you spend your time doing things to not feel the anxiety whether it is scary thoughts, feelings or physical symptoms. Has the battling got you anywhere? The only thing you are battling is yourself because you are fighting a natural bodily function (fight/flight response to fearful situations) which is designed to protect you but gone a little trigger happy because you keep fighting and fearing it.

To recover, give up the battle and learn to accept all the thoughts and feelings and do absolutely nothing about them. Think and feel anything willingly and put up no resistance. Be ok about not feeling ok. Gradually, the anxiety and all symptoms will melt away.


Beevee is so right, listen to him/her. You need to do things you like, probably you have forgotten what they are after all this time. On a beautiful sunny day take the children to a park, make cakes with them, read them a story, all these things will make you forget about your battles. If you can focus on pleasant things you will be so much better. Get a relaxation tape, one thing that children do pick up on is having a negative parent. We have all suffered anxiety, I still do but it does not dominate my life, I fight it. Be strong you WILL conquer this 😊😊😊


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