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Anxiety and depression

I am so feed of feeling unwell everytime i always thinks something is going to be wrong with me with that feeling i couldn't sleep and my stomach is getting worse coz i couldn't have food on time and always think i i am dying or i have something wrong going on my body before some years back i am worried about someone will kill me it is weird feeling but now i am now worried about my own body whenever i walk outside home i feel like i will faint and feel like dizzy after sometime i am okay but still the feeling of i am dying is there whenever i sleep at night feel like i wont even wakeup tomorrow and again i wake up i feel like pain on back or something pain on my body visting doctor they dont find any wrong on my body from last few month i have been taking antidepressants in morning and mitaz , zeclo and zolly as prescribed by doctor but also sometime i cant sleep taking all this pill though i stop thinking at the moment but i try very hard to sleep after sometime i sleep i feel like medicine is making me dull and sometime i feel like i am aliens around people its going on like this i wana be ok but i am being ok rather i am being dull please anyone can suggest what i can do

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Hi Vyrt, I am sorry that you are going through this... I can relate...at least I go through 'spells' in which I am 'scared of what might happen'.... but not always...

Have you visited with and told your dr how you feel?? Maybe a change of medication might help you... because if this is with you continuously something is not working right (my opinion)... So here is a suggestion: write down how you feel and don't feel embarrassed about it...and then take the list with you when you visit with your dr.... Sometimes it seems like we get all flustered when the Dr says: "How are you feeling" and you end up mumbling something that you later feel you wish you could have said in a better more clarifying way.

Just want to wish you luck and love.



Betty thanks for the suggestion and i will do as you said but i think medicine is not working on me so taking medicine also i am not able to sleep at night sometimes suicidial thoughts came and go and now i am much more frustrated coz i cant stop thinking


oh dear, I'm so sorry...have you visited with a therapist...???


Yes i have been visting doctors from 3 month and he is giving me paroxetine 25mg and for night cronazepam. 0.25mg , mitaz 15mg and zolpidem 10 mg this are all medicine i am taking still i am not able to sleep


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