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Hi I'm 33 and currently suffering from anxiety, I've been refusing to try any medication because of side effects but , I'm at the point where im gonna have to. I am constantly thinking about death; I have two kids and I want to see them grow. My anxiety is almost at night, I get really nervous and sometimes I get panics attacks.. I'm trying to go back to school so definitely I need some medication.. HELP


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  • I'm 40 something 😄 And I too suffer from anxiety & panic attacks Mother of 2 kids (adult) & married 26 years My panic atttacks started about 6 months ago I have a bottle of medicine from a dr I went to last month I refuse to take because like you scared of the side effects I went to a counselor today and we are going to work out a plan to face this enemy without drugs I suggest to read DARE The New Way To Stop Anxiety by Barry McDonagh listen to podcasts about anxiety & Use Barry McDonugh apes I don't have an answer about medicine for you but if u need a friend I'm here & others that understand all to well

  • Thank you. Definitely I'll check it out

  • I also have the same problem! It's worse at night

  • Hi Briana0302 .....welcome to the group - I'm pretty new here as well. I know how bad nights can be. IF you do start meds, be sure your doctor THOROUGHLY warns you about how addictive some can be. I'm currently trying to taper off an anti-anxiety "benzo" drug I only took for a month......and it's NOT easy. I hope you're feeling better.

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