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What's on the anxiety menu today!

So...it's a beautiful day here on the south coast of England and i should have spent the last 2 hours in blissful joy. Walking along the beach with my husband, son, a friend and her two boys and my 2 dogs bur oh no.....iInstead 2 hours of migraine, indigestion, palpitations and general nausea. All of which i tried to pretend wasnt happening. I have a Pollyanna for a friend who loves salted caramel icecream as much as my husband. Sometimes i honestly think he'd be better off with her. She's aways happy!!! I am not! It's days like this that make me sad. I feel so much guilt for not being the life and soul of everything. Anyone else relate??

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Love the title whats on the anxiety menu today :-D

Well on mine is a chest infection that is making me feel so poorly and my anxiety really wants to be negative and it is Mothers Day in the UK and I am not feeling like singing and dancing either :-D

Now when we feel down we think negative and just because your friend likes the same ice cream as your OH and always " seems " to be happy is no reason whatsoever that he should have choose her and not you to be with , I mean after all they probably would end up falling over who had the last bowel of ice cream and then if she lost out she perhaps would not be that happy little person you think she is :-D

We do have good qualities among this anxiety but your anxiety won't let you see but your OH does :-) so accept you are a lovely person with anxiety but a lot of good qualities and that is why you are loved so much by your family :-)

Hope you are kind to yourself this evening and finish the day of with a smile :-)

Take Care x


What a thoughful and sweet response!! Thank you. You obviously are a very warm person xx

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Hi Sparkygirl

I to live on the south coast ( Bournemouth to be exact) & i also felt like a major downer was on it's way to me as i was missing being with my mum & family all of whom live in East Anglia

I had been due to visit but i suffer with travel anxiety and a fear of crowds, i don't drive so it's trains / coaches via London Victoria for me. I have been doing meditation and mindfulness breathing exercises for 2 weeks to prepare myself then my other BIG FEAR happened when Westminster was attacked on Monday😓 i had a massive panic attack when i got to B'mth station on the day of travel and ended up bawling my eyes out in the station's loo convinced EVERYONE was starring at me and laughing thinking i was useless

My mum was so understanding it made me feel ashamed of myself & i cried all the rest of that day and the next

Anyway instead of letting myself be dragged down yet again i decided to take control & start the fight back

I took my dog for a walk and as it was such a nice day we ended up on the beach

So many people stopped for a chat (mainly to the dog) and a little girl( who had learning difficulties) asked if she could stroke him, after i had him sitting while she stroked him she was asking me his name, age & all sorts of questions, then she played ball with him while i spoke to her nan. When it was time for her to leave her nan thanked me for being so good with her, she said most people just walk away when she trys to talk to them.

My new little friend gave me a huge smile which really made my day

It made me realise i (we) don't need to be "perfect" we just need to be kind, and respectful of OURSELVES as well as others and we need to be brave & reach out to others when we need support

Please don't compare yourself to your friend, enjoy being you on the good days and be brave on the bad day's, you are unique and you are special

Be well xx


Hi Archiemum. So sorryfor not replying sooner. Your post was so touching, i really felt for you. So pleased you got something positive from it. I feel better at the mo but some days i feel as if the whole world is in a happy confident place and it's forgotten to tell me!


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