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I've been fearing these past days :(

I feel like my head shakes all the time, like tremor, i cant even go out, i feel like im going to colapse :( please has anyone else ever felt like this? I hate that doctors always tell me its anxiety. I feel shaky and my tremors are taking the best of me i cant even eat in front of people scared that i might faint or something. I need to make sure this is anxiety not a brain tumour :(

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Hi Chache, looking back on your previous posts, it looks like you are getting hit with severe anxiety causing numerous symptoms. The latest involving shaking/tremors sounds like anxiety as your doctors have told you. Feeling like you might collapse as well as fear of possibly fainting in front of people comes from an exaggeration of negative thoughts you are being fed by your mind. Before this grows any further, you need to gain control of your emotions by accepting that these symptoms are true anxiety and nothing more. Once it's been confirmed by your doctors, it must be accepted or you end up getting "stuck" in this vicious cycle of fear. Using therapy or different techniques to bring down your adrenaline surges will help you move forward. I wish you well....


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