What happens to things? Not large things like a house, but the small things. The favorite blanket you notice in a 5 year old photograph that

Somewhere between here and there is where I am. Somewhere between the medication that does not work, and the medication that works….that is where I need to be. Send me to sleep tonight, a bottle of pills a blanket and I’m alright, I can’t stay here and hang around with me. I remember writing that lyric very well. I guess in the end, I am always looking for that option C, the escape hatch to..well…most anything in the world. I am a staunch believer that there is a pill for everything…at least I keep trying to believe that. It gives me hope. Halfway between death and live, I keep crossing boundaries, looking for answers. I have learned there is no Doctor, book, CD, Application, DVD, seminar, or pill that solves everything. I believe that realization hit me harder than there not really being a man in a red suit who brings me gifts. What it not be grand if there were? Just one of those things.

What happens to things? Not large things like a house, but the small things. The favorite blanket you notice in a 5 year old photograph that seems like yesterday, but you now realize you have not seen that blanket for years. The toy you just had to have, so certain that you would never need another. Where is it now? What happens to things? The love you were certain was love, the feelings that once held a romance that seemed fit for a tale so many years and people ago. What happens to things? I am actually rambling in a manner that has lost all sense of brevity. Until then…



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  • abomino13, Your posts are always thought provoking. All day I have been thinking about little things that have seemed to disappear over the years. You are absolutely correct. Where did they go? All the little treasures and memories that we had, poof one day they were gone.

    I agree with you that there isn't just one thing that can solve everything. Anything worth having requires work, perseverance and belief.

    The one belief that I have kept in all these years is my belief in SANTA. It's the spirit of that season that has stayed alive in my heart and keeps me young. There are different kinds of gifts we receive everyday in life. But my uttermost thought is "I Believe" (taken from Miracle on 34th Street) :) What you believe in, can happen. Including leaving anxiety behind.

  • I am ashsamed to say I have never seen that movie. My fav Christmas movies are It's a wonderful life and...actually I love the Bishops Wife with Cary Grant more than any other Christmas movie. The world slows down at Christmas

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