Clinical Psychologists- are they any help?

I have been putting off an appointment with a clinical psychologist for some time. I really didn't get anything from the appointment. Other than having to go over old and painful ground. I came away having given a resume of my illness diagnosis and anxieties. I came away with such high anxiety that I ended up having a panic attack in the car coming home.

I would be interested on other peoples' experiences and what, if anything they got from seeing the psych..



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  • Iv batrled with depression and anxiety all my life as far back as i can remember some days for no reason at all. but usually i have managed to snap out of it. this last episode i found a new low one i could not get out of.i found such a low that i started medication and that was a huge step for me as i would never have taken medication. but i needed this as i had signed up for counselling but it was taking for ever. then i managed to get two sessions with a complete idiot who made me feel worse. anyway cut a long story short iv had my first session with another counsellor/therapist/psychologist. i thought i would be reserved but i found myself letting it all out to the point she could not get a word in. i felt lighter getting it out but its early days.

    i think you should try again as sometimes it depends who you get. and if you gel with the person.

    as a male i found it easier speaking to a women also

    Muslim lad

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