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Hi I have severe anxiety witch I have pannic attacks,palpitations,pins needles,shortness of breath lightheaded dizziness as this I'm gonna faint collapse it's horrific iv had bloods ecgs everything and there's nothing wrong I'm healthy like anyone my age iv been counseling all sorts my whole body is shakey and sintimes I can't stand up I also struggle to get out of bed somestines docters hospital said its all my anxiety but I scared and also feel like everyday I'm dying I'm also very thirsty and I'm not diabetic as if been checked for this too could anyone help me or give me some solution anything will help me please

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If you have been checked by your GP in the past 6 months to a year and have a clean bill of health, trust your doctors. I have all symptoms you've listed above on and off for 10 years when my anxiety first started in 07. I've also had yearly physicals, ecg's, complete blood panels. They always come back saying I'm in good health and it's not health related. Our minds are EXTREMELY powerful and can wreck havoc on us during times of anxiety and panic. Just try to stay calm, remember that these feelings are uncomfortable but they're not dangerous. Ever need someone to talk to id be more than happy too


Hey is your light headed feeling similar to like low blood sugar where you feel you need to eat? Horrible feelings :(

Hi stacylovely, It does sound like severe anxiety. You must feel you are getting hit from all sides. Two things may be able to help you. One is the fact that you are thirsty could mean you are dehydrated. Start carrying a bottle of water around sipping it throughout the day. It will help eliminate the lightheaded dizzy feeling. Secondly, it's a matter of finding something that works for you. Accept that it is anxiety and you are not dying as well as continue therapy while using other methods to quiet your mind and body. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga etc. Anything that gets you to focus on the release of stress will lower the adrenaline and some of the symptoms you are experiencing. Shortness of breath is not coming from your lungs but from the tightened muscles of your diaphragm and upper stomach. Relax and breathe is going to have to be your new Mantra in order to keep the anxiety at bay. YouTube has a lot to offer in Audio Relaxation/Deep Breathing. I use that daily in the afternoon as a respite from anxiety. I wish you well stacy..x

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