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I feel like I'm going insane ?

It's gotten really bad over the last couple of days, it started off with me being worried I have psychosis or schizophrenia. This is because I have derealization 24/7 I feel really out of it and lightheaded. I also feel like I'm disconnected from my family and feel on edge all the time. I'm also forgetting to do simple things that I normally would really easily and saying and doing things that I would t do normally I just don't feel like myself anymore ? I'm so scared.

Last night I fell asleep and then woke up suddenly two hours later and had no idea where I was or who I was and I was so confused and my ears were completely blocked it was so scary. And today I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing my thoughts and all jumbled up and I'm recently getting really random 'mind pops' of information for eg just before I had one on this page in a childhood book I read. It's starting to really scare me and I think I'm going insane ?? Please help??

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I think your anxiety is very high right now...I used to feel.that way to before. Just try to calm down I know it better said then dine right now but please try. I'm here uf yiu need to talk


Sounds like acute anxiety to me. You seem to be getting yourself more agitated. Have to been to see your doctor? If you have not I suggest you make an appointment ASAP. You will be asked various questions to find out if it's anxiety and treated accordingly. No point in making yourself worse, hope I have helped 😊😊


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