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Heart again... anxiety


Hi everyone, so this is my second post and Ive had palpations etc really bad Ines ended up in a&e blood works all came bak fine, ecg etc, my letter for an appointment has just come through got to go in 2 weeks... felt a bit better untill I told my friend she knows I've been worrying don't get dresssed not in the mood cause of my anxiety, she says ur not gunna have a heart attack my cousins friend had one 2weeks ago ages 35 he survived went and seen a cardiologist 2 weeks after his heart attack he said he will fine the the day after died and had another heart attack, basically she's just made me hell off a lot worse and my anxiety is through the roof again,, please someone it is me or would that off made anyone going through anxiety and heart flutters worse?

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Kirstylou1234, oh I'm so sorry. It is not you at all. Just a bad choice of words that your friend chose to share with you. Sometimes people talk before thinking. You'll be okay. Stay positive. x

It's to be expected for you to have your anxiety increase but now it should decrease because you are in charge and you know that was a freak accident and you are fine. You've been checked out and you are fine. Let the subject drop from your mind. Think of something you like and this something is what you will think of immediately every time you start to think about your heart beginning to have an attack. What is this good thought? Put it in the front of your mind now and keep it there until you think a newer different thought. You will be fine.

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