Here we go with meds

I am starting meds for the first time ever today. I'm just tired of it being so hard to deal with daily life. My dr suggested doing to lexapro for 6 months and then slowly getting off of it, with the idea that it gives your brain a reboot in seretonin levels. I'm not looking for scary stories of ppls experiences on lexapro but has anyone found success in meds for GAD?


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2 Replies

  • Njteal, I have found that Lexapro has been a good drug for me in helping with GAD. It works without the side effects of drowsiness. I wish you well. We all may need that respite for a while and Lexapro has given me that. Good Luck!

  • I took lexapro and still am for the last 13 years it brought me through some really tough times. It is not working like it use to so my dr is weaning me off lexapro and starting me on Zoloft. You may have start up side effects but they will go away.. good luck!

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