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Pressure behind right eye, sometimes left

Sometimes (it's happening more frequently now) my right eye usually feels weird. Just like a numbness or pressure behind it. Is this a tension headache? I've been having loads of anxiety recently and I'm trying to convince myself it's nothing and to just try to distract myself but my distractions include playing games on my laptop and staring at a screen doesn't help so I convince myself I have a brain tumour or something... I've been to my doctor loads of times and she's done blood pressure, said it was fine, blood test, fine, overall checkup, all was fine. I'm on Zoloft 150mg and don't want to go up any higher, neither does my doctor. Anyone else experience this alongside all the other anxiety symptoms? It's been rough and I just need some assurance.

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I get this a lot. I started taking something for sinus and it helped. Many times its tension, can be the way you sleep or sit (neck causing it actually) or simply a sinus issue.


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