X-ray results

I had my X-ray results back today and my chest is all clear.. but can't seem to understand why I feel like this still? I know it has to be anxiety and I'm having trouble accepting it. Just do not understand why I feel so restricted and irritated. It's not so much pain it's more discomfort. I feel horrible when I wear a bra and my head is still cloudy and I feel dizzy 247.. maybe it's time to go back on my tablets but I'm only 18 and don't want to rely on pills.. any suggestions


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2 Replies

  • Sounds like anxiety, just try to keep busy so that you don't think about it so much.

  • Agree this all seems like anxiety, so look at management of that; mindfullness medication yoga, exercise, problem solving good diet, but above all no googling of symptoms, pusuing consultations for concerns about physical cause, avoid writing anything negative, but instead write positive things each day and keep on keeping on

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