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Hi I'm 34 and have been suffering from anxiety. I thought I was going crazy, I felt off balance and like I was living out of my body, always nervous and shaking having heart flutters. I was always shouting and my kids and just wanted to be by myself and then when I was I felt so lonely and unloved. I finally went to the dr and was diagnosed with anxiety. It's a constant battle everyday. I try to use yoga and breathing exercises to help. I am hoping to start some cognitive behavioural therapy soon. I also had my first ever panic attack this week. Wow that was scary and am now living in fear of it happening again.

Thanks for listening

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Nyati, this is a great forum which is all about listening and helping each other get through a difficult time of life. It is a lonely disorder which can help when we share our experiences in getting through our anxious moments. Yoga and breathing are good tools when dealing with anxiety as well as CBT (good luck on that).

Anxiety is all about changing our way of thinking. Substituting fear and worry to acceptance and floating past the symptoms. It shouldn't be a battle because then anxiety wins. The more we fight it, the longer and more powerful it will get.

With accepting the symptoms of anxiety as not harmful, comes the power to once again be in control of your own body. Nothing happens over night. As with anything else in life, it takes works, determination and time. But the rewards are so great waiting for you. One last thing is to get rid of the "What if" thoughts because it will only take you back down that road of fear. It happening once doesn't mean it's going to happen again. The mind is powerful in what it can tell us. Make it positive thoughts and get rid of the negative. My best to you Nyati.....

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I can't put it better then agora did. I'm just wondering you said shaking is a symptom for you? Is it constant and do you feel it through your whole body? I'm a shaker too and it worries me a lot feels very uncomfortable.


It does happen but it's more an internal shake and more in my stomach back and chest.


oh yes i have the internal shake too


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