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Hi I was hoping for some support as I have searched online and there isn't any in my area. I have been on this forum before didn't get many replies,I am constantly under pressure and stress due to husbands severe copd. But you can only get help if the patient needs to be put to bed washed given medication etc. Otherwise there is no support. My husband is over 70 . I have had anxiety since 15 years old, I am now 60 and have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I constantly think of ways to make our life better , last night I felt hungry and had some porridge before bed.and woke at 5 o'clock feeling dizzy , I sat on the side of bed sweating heart thumping a dizzy feeling, I just went through it as I have had these before and tried to stand up but felt weird , it got better after about 15 minutes I needed to use the toilet quickly, so I presumed it was a panic attack, but the previous attacks didn't involve sweating, anyway it is 7.30 now and I am to scared to go back to bed in case it happens again. It makes me scared as I don't know what will happen next. I have a tablet phobia so I only take certain tablets. I feel as if I haven't the strength to carry on like this all the time. Just a kind word will help as I have no family to turn to. Thankyou.


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  • I am up with the same thing. Not a panic attack but sitting on the fence. I have had a few panic attacks just like your. Getting over heated gets mine kicked off. I start sweating and then my heart starts pounding, then I wake up assessing my situation and it just escalates. I pray the affects of the adreniline fades off quickly so you can get back to sleep.

  • Hi you can always pm me. Do you have a carers support group where you are, even for emotional support? I am also on the COPD website here for my partner who has mild COPD and other illness. We have no physical family support.

  • No I have no one , my family have died I have a brother who doesn't want to know and my daughter lives abroad my son has crohns and a family . Sometimes it gets too much ...

  • I feel for you it's not a nice feeling at all :( Stay strong x

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