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Hi, I'm 18 years old.

Sorry, I do not write English well

A month ago I had a tachycardia I went to the emergency room and they told me it was anxiety. The first few weeks my chest hurt, then my head. The last 3 weeks my legs weakened mostly left and my arms. I feel that my fingers are numb and that they are clumsy or that I do not do things well with my hands. It is normal? How do they control it? Help :(

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Hi cristiance_0502, You did very well with your English in letting us know what you are experiencing. Now that the doctors at the emergency room have ruled out any heart disease and told you it was anxiety, you seem to still be concentrating on what happened to you that night. This is how anxiety starts to take hold of our thoughts. The more you concentrate into the symptoms, the larger they become. There are many ways to take hold of anxiety, the first I would suggest is that you see your own doctor. He knows your medical history and can better advise you as to what is normal for you and how he would want to address it. We will support you in the forum. You are not alone with anxiety.

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