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Anyone been on Sertraline?

Went to GP yesterday & she prescribed Sertraline problem is she says it takes 6 weeks to work & has only given me 2 weeks worth & then I have to go back to see how I'm getting on. She said that for the 1st week I'd feel more anxious but I must admit I'm feeling calmer maybe it's the fact that I'm taking something that will help me even if I have to wait 6 weeks.

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I have not taken sertraline before but I know several people on here are so I hope they will reply. I take lexapro-Your doctor is right it can take up to 4-6 weeks to start feeling the benefits of the meds but you may have start up side effects like extra anxiety in the beginning and don't worry if they last more than the first week as these pills are altering the chemicals in our body. Good luck!


I'm now into my second week on Sertraline 50mg - For the few first days I felt more anxious, suffered with headaches and tremors. I still suffer with the anxiety and my expectations were that I would feel happier and motivated again, but no such luck. Maybe my expectations are off.


My GP says it takes 6 weeks to work so hang in there, I'm sure you'll start to feel better soon.


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