Anxiety in grocery store

Since the passing of my father (unexpectedly) this passed September my anxiety has been worse then ever. I can't even go to the grocery store for basic things without having an attack... I try to avoid going out, but it is very hard with 2 kids.. I sometimes think I can handle it or I think I have a handle on the anxiety, we'll let's say the anxiety has me.... very frustrating.... going to see about talking with someone, does anyone known if this helps.. thx


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  • I'm so sorry to hear about your father.. I know it's hard and you're not alone. At least you're trying to do things still instead of staying at home. I'm sorry you're going through what you're going through and it's scary. But you have a purpose and you are strong. I'm here if you ever need to talk.

  • @mz_Rachel,

    Thanks so much for that. I definitely will keep in touch. Every day is a struggle. But I know I have to keep going. 🙂 not only for me and my family but for my dad..

  • Exactly... I hope you're having a good evening and message me anytime. We're all in this together!

  • Binz I suffered anxiety since I was child I can't post reason on here. I also diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder PTSD. I have suffered terrible bereavements. I nursed 6 of my family on my own aged 17 nearly 18 with baby who wanted due at my home or theirs with me nursing them starting with my mother. 6 died in 10 mths before I was 19. My son was last one to as sudden death. I then got cancer at 22 which they forgot tell me until pregnant and wanted abort my baby. this after severe depression for 5 yrs I was in hospital long time (nearly 2 yrs) trying kill myself as post natal depression diagnosis and treatment was missed. Dr was struck off. On top of cancer my first husband suddenly died of heart attack when I was 24. In 2009 i nursed the last 3 of my family both sisters and dad from April to aug I buried dad in sept then moved to this home October and Xmas my husband died same yr another sudden death but this time pulmonary embolism at 43. I know all about bereavement and loneliness as being bedridden in hospital bed at home last 6 5 yrs totally housebound 7 yrs I see no one except Dr who visits me at home last 7 yrs. I don't often come on here and came across it on some news site. I posted lot posts under pain and constipation and may done on cancer I'm unsure about last one. Because I don't come on here often if you want talk to me and I'm not a nutter and my name is Claire then email me at and I will give you my phone number to text me and I will text or can phone you. Its hard writing as it's painful us takes ages with speech apps as they mess up words then some unsympathetic people who are idiots taking amitrytiline with alcohol tell me sort my spelling out and read her post properly when I had already apologised and explained about typos in advance. I know what it's like be bereaved and I've made it through it but it takes yrs to stage where you can talk about it without total Mt down.. It does get easier but not for long time yet. You need cruise bereavement counselling I couldn't get to. I've learnt cope without any help. I will check emails in few days as don't want post phone number on public site. I assure you I'm not nutter and you seen i talk sense. I can help you with your pain which will be much worse with stress as you tense muscles when stressed which causes more pain. I been through some of the severest depression anyone can go through and used be a vegetable on drugs, I been through cancer 3x, my family dead to rare gene cancer and beareaved all family and 2 sudden death husband's dead in minutes and I suffer severe chronic pain nerve damage plus many disabilities I stated. I'm offering help you as I'm coping. If I can help someone then I'm happy. I'm a caring person which why I offered and I suffer severe pain daily to finally got hospital bed. If you want someone cry shout moan scream talk at or to I will help. I not offering something I won't do. If anyone desperate and need someone talk to please hang in and contact me. I know there's no help out there and long waiting list it for there's help as they prioritising the under 24 age group. Take care. Claire

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