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chest pains

Hey guys just wanted to share the experiences I've been getting with my chest pain as I'm really worried.. I've been getting this weird pressure feeling in the middle of my chest its like a pressing kind of pain.. i also get a stabbing pain on my actual heart in a throbbing kind of way.. I've had an ecg test and things like that.. anyone get the same thing?

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Hi you do get sleep problems with anxiety. I would push gp about heart though .I do get tingling feeling near heart though but not your other syptoms .no sure go back to gp


I'm struggling with chest pain too! I also went for an ECG and all was good but im getting the exact same feeling


Really? Exactly the same as me? Sorry if this sounds horrible but that is so reassuring!!

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Yeah, its like a weight been pushed on my chest, i know im glad im not the only one


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