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I suffer from severe daily panic feels like what i tead a heart attack feels like and im worried that it is reaking havoc on my health....adrenal fatigue...heart problems etc im on medications and they help a little but not much. The inly thing that helps are benzos but i try hard not to take due to high rate of addiction.....i just dont know what to do anymore.....i cant live like this

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what seems to help the most like little things ? have you noticed ?


meditation has probably helped the most but i want to try CBT. I've never done that and think it has the potential to really help. the only problem is finding a time I can go because i work m-f 8am-5pm.


I was admitted to hospital a couple of years ago with a suspected heart attack; so your descriptions hit me forceably. I had a high stress job, lived on coffee and adrenal bursts.

The attack was panic, anxiety. Since then I have regularly used little coping tricks; they help. I didn't like the idea; but weirdly they help.

Breathe in counting 4, slowly. Breathe out counting 6, slowly. Repeat 4 times. Think you're sitting overlooking an empty beach in late summer; no-one there. Listen to the sound of the water as it breaks over the sand.

Hold your left hand hard with your right hand, Squeeze. Tell yourself you love yourself, warts and all. And tell yourself you will get through this. You deserve to.

Good luck

And medium term; get a CD on meditation and read about mindfulness.

Hope it all gets better


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