Anxiety disappeared when I had the flu

It was the most crazy thing, I had the flu almost two weeks and didn't have ANY anxiety. It was almost like my entire body and mind was distracted and so focused on feeling so shitty it stopped my anxiety. Even when I would think to myself "wow I haven't felt any anxiety in a while" it wouldn't magically start like it usually does when I think about it. But of course now I'm no longer sick and it's somewhat back. Anyone else know what I'm saying?


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  • YES! If I'm sick or injured I don't feel anxiety. I also didn't feel it when I had surgery or during the recovery. I guess our bodies need the energy we normally expend on anxiety to recover.

  • I do Kayleealice17, it's not so much that the flu distracted you from being anxious as much as it is your body fighting the flu caused it to calm down. Nature's way of putting your body at rest so it could fight the flu. In putting it at rest, your adrenaline levels went down and you experienced no anxiety.

  • Anxiety and depression require energy.....Try being depressed after you run a marathon!.....Some illnesses sap our energy, and at the same time our focus changes, attention now given too our illness...

  • Yes! It happened to me on every occasion I was sick with a flu to the point that after the first one I was subconsciously wishing for another. It was like a vacation! I felt like a cap during flu but on the other hand I was so happy inside. My belief is that there is so much going on during flu illness that the mind begins to refocus from daily focusing on all anxiety symptoms. I have experienced something similar on my trip to India earlier this year. India was so different on every level. In a way it was crazy. Thousands of cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, scooters, people and all kinds of animals all at the same time everywhere. Smog unbelievable. Air smelled like breathing through an exhaust pipe. Different people, different custums, different food and constant noise. Los Angeles traffic pales to that of any major Indian city. Total chaos! At least that how it felt to me. During more than 2 weeks stay not a single anxiety episode. So what happened to my anxiety? I believe that the mind was so overwhelped with the 'new' that it didn't have the processing time to give to the old. It seems to me the anxiety grows like a bamboo tree. For years it's growing only it's roots while the bamboo tree above ground doesn't. With the first anxiety symptoms onset, we are totally flabargastered. We are in such a state of Schick all we can do is constantly consciously or subconsciously think about what is happening with us. As we do, the roots keep growing deeper and deeper. Little do we know that we are feeding these roots daily with constant anxiety thoughts and fears. It's really difficult to break this cycle. It feels like our soul is suffocating. The anxiety and it's fear robs us from life focus, motivation, happinness. It makes us dull and monothematic. After some time the only one thing that preoccupied our mind is our anxiety. We are so full of this we virtually guarantee ourselves seeing live in any different way other than through our anxiety glasses. So what happened in India? Again, the 'new' happened. Seeing life from a completely new perspective happened. Seeing hard life of millions of people happened. Seeing much, much less ego happened. Seeing kindness happened. Getting dirty happenned. Spending time with good people happenned. Eating different foods happened. Lot of bewilderment happened. Lots of laughter happened. I realized how easy my life, in comparison, had been. I realized to what extent I though about myself and my symptoms. All that I was experiencing was like uploading new program into my subconscious mind. I felt crazy happy and didn't want to leave. I left all of my worries thousands of miles behind and there was almost absolutely nothing to remind me of my old self. This was not my regular state of being as the flu is not. We build our lives for so may years only to realize that the creation is not authentic. It feels like our clothes are not fitting right and we begin to feel pain and yet we continue to squeeze into them daily. Often under the stress something begins to break at the seem. The lack of authenticity causes us to get sick. And whether it's MS, Fibro, Anxiety or many other it often has a same root cause. I have other examples from my 8 year battle with Anxiety. And although there may be other causes for Anxiety, I believe the prevelance of adult Anxiety is rooted in how we live our lives, in our expectations, and how we view ourselves in this world. Volumes have been written and more volumes will be written on the subject. But if your 'clothes' seem like there are not fitting maybe it's a good sign that a change is needed.

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