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Getting rid of forehead scars

Hi guys, I was 18 when while panicking ( a ball went flying forward to my head ) I just moved my head and hit the edge of an iron trash can, it didnt hurt or something , I didnt even pass out went on with life ( Had a few problems but recovered 85% ). The problem is sometimes I hate myself, everytime in life when I tried to just protect myself I ended up being hurt even if it wasnt my fault. Why me?? I have a 1 cm scar on my forehead ( And a bump over it , docs in my country dont care and they didnt tell me that I need to put ice on it ) . It seems no one can notice it, only if you see if in a near distance, but I see it everyday and it is a constant reminder of what a trauma did I do to myself just because I was afraid of a ball hitting me on the head ) I wasnt even playing football btw , I was standing outsids the field.. Is there anyway to get rid of them?

Pardon me for my gramatical mistakes, English is my third language and I learnt it the last 2 years ( afer TBI )

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Only 1cm. That sounds like you have been very lucky. And speaking 3 languages well. Amazing.

I'm really envious.

I guess plastic surgery may be possible, but at a cost.

Scars will improve with time, but if it is only 1 cm, that could easily be hidden with makeup if you wished.

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Scars are nothing to be ashamed of.....they are your shows you are an interesting proud of yourself...if people see you only for your good looks they are not people worth befriending. We call it shallow !

You have low self-worth, anxiety does this to us.

Be kinder to yourself. It doesn't matter about other people, they all have their own issues.....would you think less of a person because of a little scar ? Or a large scar even ? I hope not.

Anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself, your looks ..or doesn't support you...leave them well alone....they ARE NOT FRIENDS......not real friends.

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Thank you for your kind words, but In my country if someone has scars they meant that you werend that kind of guy who stays in a place ( meaning you were that troublesome guy, did a mess and so on ) thats ehy I care , Im not that kimd of guy and never want to be..


Just be yourself...stop worrying about what other people think about your scars..,you are YOU...nobody is perfect...and perfect is boreing!


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