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Hi all

I have followed a lot of threads here and find it to be super helpful. I have been working hard to learn how to cope with anxiety and fight it off. For some reason it is really flared up right now. Jaw tension and clenching at night. Eye weirdness (can't seem to get my Ewan to work together and focus). And then today I started freaking out that I burned my lungs somehow. I was cleaning a bathroom yesterday and sprayed Lysol in the toilet and was too close and think I got a good whiff of it. I know it's stupid and I'm sure it's just allergies but today I feel like my lungs are tight and I'm coughing. I just wish I didn't worry about it and would look to the more obvious cause like allergies Bc I was cleaning today. Helpful thoughts?


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2 Replies

  • Hello

    I get loads of reactions to chemicals we use to clean with and can feel tight chested after using them but as it was yesterday you used them I think it is more likely your anxiety is making you feel tight chested and when you start to gain control again that will ease

    You say you have been doing really well which is lovely to read and you are having an off day or two but don't give yourself a tough time because you are as this is normal , it is part of getting well and if we accept the bad days that might turn up they will soon pass again :-)

    Hope you can see this as a blip and have a lovely weekend :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thanks. I know about the fact that it's today that my chest is uncomfortable instead of yesterday when I was cleaning. I'm such a logical person that I hate the way anxiety makes me so illogical. We are having a huge party tonight and I'm sure that is where part of the stress is from. Thanks for the encouragement.

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