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Something that has been playing on my mind for a while, i'm coming to terms with the fight or flight response, a rapid heart rate will send more blood to your body in order to fight or flight, so why sometimes do I get weak/shaky legs when I get anxious? surely that would be a bad thing if i needed to flee a certain situation? any advice greatly appreciated! :)

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Shaking is actually a sign of your body releasing adrenaline. In the wild, when an animal is chased, they will shake violently during and after the event. Then when the shakes shake out their adrenaline they just calmly go about roaming and eating some grass like nothing happened. We, on the other hand, fear the shakes and then fear piles on top of fear and there we go again. The shakes are a good sign your body knows it needs to release the fear. Let yourself shake, Even encourage it. It will make your legs, even you body, weak because it takes lots of energy to release the strong hormone. But, again, it's a good thing that shows your body knows what to do when you have the fight or flight response.


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