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I am freaking out, help please??

I am 21, my usually low BP is now high (137/90) and of course I got a headache from it. It's splitting, very bad, hurts like hell. And I got some nausea as well, but thanks to my health anxiety, I am giving myself a panic attack because I am certain this is in fact not just a migraine but a brain aneurysm and I'm gonna die. Help please - how can I calm down :( the pain I am feeling only makes me feel more certain I am dying and the anxiety is making my symptoms ten times worse than they are!!

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I literally mixed half a benzo, some valeriana root drops in my lemonade, ate a banana for potassium and took some magnesium, I just took everything in hopes I'll feel better :(


Sweetlolly11, I hope by now your head pain has gone down some. It certainly sounds just like the migraines I use to get. If your combo drink worked then that's great.

What I use to do is have a small bowl of cold cereal/banana to buffer the stomach and counteract the nausea. Then I'd take a Benzo, an OTC pain pill and a cup of real coffee. I'd go and lie down in a cool darkened room and listen to some relaxation tapes. Within a couple hours I felt better which I am hoping you are now feeling better as well. Let us know how you are feeling. x

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Well I don't know if thus will help but maybe if I tell you how anxiety will heightened your senses about stuff. And makes everything seem intensified. I think. I know how you feel though. My health anxiety makes things so much more worse. Hang in there. Every time I get a brain sensation, headaches or head pressure I go straight to thinking about brain anurism. 😧 and I did the worse thing was Google it one night. And was on there for hours. Freaked me out. How are you now?


I survived :) but it's been a rough few days... I don't know why but the week before my period is the absolutely worst...


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