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Scared not sure what's up?

OK I'm new and from what I have read seems like I might have anxiety in two ways one being health anxiety more commonly known as hypochondriac and the other being just mentally. The reason I say this is because for months I have been having trouble with my throat and my pains through out my body been to 2 doctors both said I was fine! The other reason is because for some reason tonight I don't know why but I just have this feeling I won't wake up in the morning and its more of a mental rather than physical feeling which terrifies me! Does anyone else have these types of problems?

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Digestive tract issues are extremely common in stress/anxiety cases.

Strange pains/aches/tingles, etc are common too.

If your doctors have checked you out and can't find anything wrong then be assured it's anxiety.


hello jojo , how are you today ?


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