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The way I woke up this morning

Well today I started getting my son ready for school and I felt super sick my anxiety is in control right now but I feel so weak so nasty like sick I feel like my insides are going to give up get out feels like my heart going to stop typing my mouth dry I feel super sick I'm surprised my anxiety is not affecting me right now thank God I just feel super sick I'm hoping that my anxiety doesn't come on again if for some reason I just don't know why I feel like this I'll probably just lay in bed until I pick up my son make a ginger tea or something hopefully this goes away cuz I feel like crap I rather be hungover this feeling my heart's just feeling weird it hurts a little bit but I'm praying I'll be okay. How's everybody else good morning going I hope you guys are having a great day take care of now

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I'm sorry you feel this way. I've had a rough morning as well I woke up nervous for no reason and I was getting ready for class and as I'm sitting there taking a quiz my anxiety comes out of nowhere and I have an hour left of class, I got all my stuff and left, I get the sick feeling in my stomach and my heart starts to beat faster, it's like I can't stop it. I've found that pasiflora tea helps a lot, i put se honey in hot water and do some breathing techniques. I hope you feel better soon


Thank you . Have u tried stress b complex vitamin ?? It really helps when i take test the only thing i hate about it is makes ur pee yellow lol i hope you feel better too ! 😌


I hope you feel better soon. One thing you have to understand is that this wont last for long. I bet you woke up good yesterday or the other days. Just write it off and know that today is just one of those days. I call it anchoring to hope. Today was not so good but you have had good days and they will return. Keeping faith. Just stay focused and continue.

Prayer is amazing isn't it?! I love to pray because I know he is always on my side looking after me and all of us.

If you need someone to talk to just reach out!

God Bless!

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