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Worst numbness ever

I have been suffering from chronic neck/back pain, left sided numbness, pins/neddles both hands/feet. Have history of anxiety, just started on Zoloft (did one week at 25mg) now on week 5 at 50 mg, for the last 3 days I noticed my symptoms are worsening and think Zoloft is the cause although it is helping with my anxiety attacks, I plan to call my Dr tomorrow. Has anyone experience a similar symptoms?

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You say your symptoms are chronic which implies they have Ben present for years and yet you've only been on Zoloft for 5 weeks so difficult to believe it is the cause. See what your doc thinks tomorrow.


Yes, my symptoms were present prior to Zoloft but I was wondering if Zoloft had made symptoms worse because it was not as bad as it is now


Have you had your B12 and folate levels checked at all? Chronic pain, numbness and pins/needles are amongst the symptoms of deficiencies in these two vitamins - along with anxiety - and this can happen in the absense of any macrocytosis though GPs frequently use this as the benchmark for deciding if there is a likely deficiency (as range for B12 is not a conclusive guide)

This is a link to symptoms of B12


Zoloft is an SSRI and they can deplete folate levels in some patients which would make the symptoms worse.

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Thank you! This is good information! I have not had those vitamins checked but will talk to my PCP! Thanks again


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