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Back with a vengeance

I last wrote on here 7 months ago, my anxiety was back pretty bad then, now it's possibly the worst I have ever been in my life (had GAD for 22 years now). All of my calming techniques don't work at all and I am feeling completely lost. I have always "managed" my symptoms well and every so often pop into group therapy to keep it up. I finished the latest group only a couple of months ago, honestly I think it made me worse.

I am going through a really stressful time, the company I work for is under offer and has been for a year now, I am now very close to losing my job and my Masters dissertation is also due in December and I am really behind and I have just bought a house, so my feelings of stress are justified just a bit extreme.

I had a monster panic attack last night and I am shaking uncontrollably, my resting heart rate is always above 80bpm (I am quite fit and used to a rate of 60bpm), I can't focus and can't sleep. I have tried circular and square breathing, visualisation/self hypnosis, stretching and yoga, hot baths, no caffiene. Can anyone suggest anything that might help? Please?

Thanks so much

Em x

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Hi Elwood, you have an extreme amount of anxiety going on right now. It's one of the reasons none of your prior calming techniques are working. I've always felt there comes a time that we need to resort to medication w/therapy. Group therapy doesn't work right now because you have enough going on in your own life without hearing about others struggling. Sometimes a little medication for a short time can help you think more rationally about your stressors as well as help you with managing your symptoms once more.

You're right, what you are feeling is "justified". My best to you. x

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