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Those with head pains and dizzyness?

Do you get shooting pains in the head at random times? Also the dizzyness do you get it from moving your head fast or from moving your eyes side to side fast? Struggling to believe shooting pains in the left side of the head can be caused by anxiety, been getting them for 6-7 weeks now, only been diagnosed with anxiety few days ago. I still feel like they are wrong and struggling not to carry on googling my symtoms!!!

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Hi Stuart1985a, i have been a health anxiety sufferer for years! Just recently, 6 weeks on Wednesday to be exact i came down with an awful dizziness. My doctor diagnosed me with viral Labrynthritis which is an inner ear infection which effects the balance. Sometimes when i move my hesd its worse but other times its when i literally move my eyes slightly its worse! Needless to say due to not being able to move and drive i had 3 weeks off work sick then when i went back i had to have reduced hours due to the dizziness tiring me out and still not being able to drive so have been relying on others to drive me around. It's easing slowly but now my anxiety has latched itself to the dizziness so i am always concious its going to make me pass out and makes me feel i cant drive and has especially bothered me regarding work as i now have to have a meeting regarding my time off! Anyways much to the point it sounds like its definitely anxiety related and i really wouldn't worry! The pains may be down to a migraine/headache due to the stress of worrying about your dizziness/head pains. Unfortunately anxiety can be a vicious circle! I hope you feel better soon! X

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Dr Google is not helpful try not to look on there it tells you and bad things that are hardly ever true x

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So many unbelievable symptoms come from anxiety. I get shooting pains at times as well. I also have almost constant of balance feeling and frequent dizziness when I'm anxious or stressed. You'd be surprised at how many things anxiety can do to you. Don't worry, it will pass and get better with time. :)

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Hi Stuart 1985a

I get ice pick head pains and have suffered with dizziness for years on and off. I have recently seen an ENT specialist who believes I get what they call inner ear migraines. I had never heard of it before but that's what can cause dizziness and one sided head pains.

I am going for an MRI on Monday to check my inner ears for damage as I also have a lot of tinnitus, I also went for a hearing test as part of the assessment which I only had some slight loss on high tones.

Until the Dr told me, I was constantly worrying that I had a brain tumour and like you, googled my symptoms and found a lot of scary things which made my anxiety much worse.

I would discuss your symptoms with your GP and ask for reassurance.

I hope you have a good day,

Jenny 🌞


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