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dyeing hair=cancer???(hypochondria):(

I've been dyeing my hair a lot since 2 years and now I've kinda stopped dyeing it as much cos I'm really scared I'm gonna get cancer, and since I have hypochondria I get even more freaked out. I know loads of teens in my age color their hair a lot but yeah. Also I'm kinda sensitive to the smell so I keep thinking I'm gonna get cancer from that too..

Does anyone know if it's really common to get cancer from dyeing hair??

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Well if dying hair causes cancer I have had it then :-/ I have been doing or having mine done now for about 30 years :-o

Only thing I would suggest with you been so young is it can dry your hair out so if you do not need to dye it and until those grey hairs start coming through which will be some years yet for the condition of your hair only I would only do it now and again if not at all :-)

This is your Health Anxiety by the sounds of it playing up but apart from your anxiety I do not think you have to worry about over this one :-)

Take Care x

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As a hairdresser working in salons for 15 years .I've have never had any clients have cancer from dyeing their hair, I'm a colour tech, so try not to worry, but as bounce says unless u need to,I'd hold off dyeing it when ur young

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